[LAD] Petri-Foo 0.1.4 now released

James Morris james at jwm-art.net
Thu Jun 28 22:05:08 UTC 2012

Thanks to some instant bug reports there is now:




On 27/06/12 James Morris <james at jwm-art.net> wrote:
>Petri-Foo is a sampler for linux using JACK. It was originally a fork
>of the Specimen sampler project. A new version is now available to
>download from sourceforge.
>This release brings further cosmetic changes improving the overall look
>of Petri-Foo. The fan sliders have gone, so it must be time to
>mention the precision modifying shift and ctrl keypresses for the
>If you missed the 0.1.3 release, here's a quick rundown of the changes:
>* migrated from autotools to cmake
>* updated and slimmed-down PHAT replacement called Phin.
>* mousewheel waveform zooming
>* velocity range setting for patch
>* auto-preview (with optional resampling) in sample selector dialog
>* recoded deprecated gdk calls to use cairo.
>* lots and lots of bug fixes i've long since forgotten about
>Some say it's the successor to Specimen and that the two shouldn't
>co-exist. All I know is it's called Petri-Foo.
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