[LAD] simple FAUST OSC example

Kaspar Bumke kaspar.bumke at gmail.com
Thu May 24 15:10:40 UTC 2012

> Oops, I misread that, too. I remember writing a little helper object for
> Pd which triggers control messages for nonzero sample values in its
> audio input. Once you have that, you can easily map that to a MIDI
> message in Pd, so you might be able to use that for your purposes. The
> object is called bit~ and is contained in this tarball:
> http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/q-lang/kcs-example.tar.gz
> Of course, you then still need to write a Faust program which computes
> the trigger pulses from its input, so that you can pipe the output
> signal from that unit into bit~.

Cool! I will take a look at this just for reference. I guess I will have to
make my own way from there as graphical programming gives me the
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