[LAD] Fwd: Bug#674651: Please disable celt support in jack

Adrian Knoth adi at drcomp.erfurt.thur.de
Tue May 29 18:12:28 UTC 2012


I'm CC'ing this to LAD and jack-devel with reply-to set to jack-devel,
hope the listservers keep the header fields intact.

Though it reads jackd1 there, it also affects jackd2.

No action has been taken, yet, but I tend to agree with the bug report
and (temporarily) disable celt support in both packages.

The older celt versions are about to vanish, so neither Debian nor
Ubuntu will provide it within one year from now or so.

I haven't followed the Opus discussion recently, but it seems the CELT
support in both jackds needs to be replaced by Opus.

The Wheezy freeze is scheduled for "mid June", so removing CELT-0.7 is
likely to happen within the next weeks.

So as a warning to all users, it looks like Debian and Debian-based
distros are losing CELT support in netjack until somebody steps up and
ports the code to Opus.


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We're planning on removing the celt package from Wheezy, since we now have
a stable release of Opus that people can really use.  Please disable celt
in jack so that we can move ahead with doing that before the freeze.

If you can and wish to enable Opus support, that would be great, but for
now we're mostly concerned with not shipping an obsolete celt version for
another whole release cycle.


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