[LAD] : Plugin buffer size restrictions

Jeff McClintock jef at synthedit.com
Wed May 30 07:42:18 UTC 2012

> I think providing synchronous control events, with 'future' values (at
> least some distance L in the future) is the way to get that.  Let's
> pretend that the Ultimate Plugin Interface (UPI) 1.0 exists, works this
> way, is stable and unmalleable, and all you have to work with to
> deliver
> your product (a plugin).
> >From the plugin author perspective: is there anything that is
> *impossible* to do correctly?
> -dr

I believe it simply impossible to reliable deliver 'future' parameter

Even when the automation is pre-recorded. E.g. smoothly ramping up a
parameter over 1 second.  You can't say to the plugin 'ramp this parameter
over 1 second' - because partway through the 'ramp' the user can reposition
the playback to another part of the song, or loop a section, or change the
tempo, or hit 'Stop'. Any attempt to predict the future like that leads to
kludgy hacks.
  Now you can say to the plugin 'process 100 samples' while specifying the
parameter value at sample# 0 and also at sample# 99.  That is how to specify
a precise ramp (or section of a longer ramp) without providing future
parameter values.  Apologies if that's what you meant. (I classify 'future'
values in this example as being later than sample #99 ).

Best Regards,

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