[LAD] a little help with mutichannel alsa

grekimj at acousticrefuge.com grekimj at acousticrefuge.com
Sun Oct 7 20:03:48 UTC 2012

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First, what I would like to do is pick which channel I send audio to
on the RME 9632 card. 
 My RME card is device 0.  
 When I call this function: 
 And set device = plughw:0,0   I get playback across all the RME
 (Just using hw:0,0  without the "plug" prefix does not work for some
reason which may or may not matter.)
 So, how do I access the subdevices/channels?  
 When I run aplay -l I only see 1/1 subdevices.
 Shouldn't I be able to set my device to hw:0,0,1 or plughw:0,0,1 to
access channel 2, for example?
 There's no .asoundrc.  Do I need it for this?
 Finally, when attempting multichannel alsa, I assume I need to
simply make an array of pointers to the same datatype as "handle" and
run through
 initializing each handle separately.  
 In the first time thought the loop, I can get handle[0] and all its
parameters to initialize without errors.  
 When I try to initialize handle[1] on a new device such as
plughw:0,0,1 I get an error that the device or resource is busy. 
 I feel like I've hit  a brick wall here.  Perhaps I am out of my
league.  But, it feels tantilizingly close to working.
 Thanks guys/gals!! 
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