[LAD] [LAU] Linux Audio 2012: Is Linux Audio moving forward?

Gene Heskett gheskett at wdtv.com
Wed Oct 10 18:25:19 UTC 2012

On Wednesday 10 October 2012 14:21:11 Patrick Shirkey did opine:

> On Wed, October 10, 2012 11:33 pm, Ben Loftis wrote:
> > I'd pose a different question:
> > 
> > Is OSX/Win Audio moving _backward_?
> > 
> > If OSX continues to move towards iOS, and Win continues to move
> > towards Metro,  and Thunderbolt stalls, and screens get smaller, and
> > expansion ports get scarcer, then Linux might become the de-facto
> > "pro" multimedia platform simply because the other choices have
> > become too dumbed down.
> > 
> > Of course _most_ users will be happy with the ease and power of the
> > tools that will be available on iOS/Metro.  And _most_ users is where
> > the money is, so Apple/Microsoft are chasing the right users.  But
> > there will be some serious users that need a powerful production
> > system with big screens and big peripherals,  and for these users,
> > Linux might become the standard.
> Looking at the recent trade shows it seems that Linux/Unix is the
> already the hardware standard. I didn't spot hardware running on Apple
> or M$ OS's but plenty of Linux and Unix platforms.
> Unfortunately it costs $4000 for a booth here so I probably won't be
> able to do any promotions at the next event.
Ouch.  Suggestion Patrick, for the next show, hit up on one of the 
'crowdfunding' sites. See if you can get the show money & maybe enough for 
some big banners & handouts.

Hardware isn't going to happen unless it can be seen that there IS a market 
for it.
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