[LAD] [LAU] Linux Audio 2012: Is Linux Audio moving forward?

Florian Faber faber at faberman.de
Thu Oct 11 12:45:48 UTC 2012

On 10/11/12 13:42, John Rigg wrote:

> Another cheap option is a used RME HDSP9652 (also still being made)
> with 3xADAT I/O. The PCIe alternative is the HDSPe RayDAT mentioned
> elsewhere in this thread.
> Going up the price scale there are RME MADI cards, both PCI and PCIe
> versions. I used an RME HDSPe MADI with an SSL Alpha-Link for a couple
> of years with excellent results, and I don't expect either of those to
> go out of production for a while yet.
> Future availability of PCI motherboards might be a concern, but there
> are still many new boards being made with PCI slots.

The Seraph series of PCIe interfaces from german manufacturer Marian
will be officially supported soon. So far the M2 (dual MADI card) and
Seraph 8 (8 channels analogue I/O) are working, the A3 (3x ADAT) is
being added soon. If you do not need the matrix mixer from the RME
cards, they are a cheaper alternative - and still offer german
engineering (the best kind :).

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