[LAD] ANN: convoLV2 0.2

hermann meyer brummer- at web.de
Sat Oct 20 07:54:19 UTC 2012

Am 20.10.2012 06:14, schrieb David Robillard:
> convoLV2 is an LV2 plugin to convolve audio signals without additional
> latency.
> https://github.com/x42/convoLV2
> https://github.com/x42/convoLV2/tarball/v0.2
> convoLV2 is in an early stage of development and is not yet suitable for
> users.  However, it serves as a working example of an LV2 plugin with
> block length restrictions, in this case:
>   * Maximum block length must be passed as an instantiate option
>   * Block length must always be a power of 2 (a required feature)
> See the links in the README and on the github page for details about
> these features.  The first should be trivial to implement in any host,
> which is highly recommended.  The second may be difficult or impossible,
> though it is trivial in hosts that run plugins directly on the Jack
> cycle[1] or process files with fixed parameters.
> This plugin is intended to provide latency-free synchronous convolution,
> which inherently requires these restrictions.  It does not, and will not
> ever, do latent audio buffering in the plugin itself (though a generic
> wrapper to do so is a good idea...)
> This release is known to work in Jalv 1.2.0.  If you're feeling
> adventurous and remove the power of 2 feature requirement from the data,
> it will also work in Ardour3.  Sometimes.  Maybe.
> convoLV2 is jointly developed by Robin Gareus (who wrote the entire
> plugin before LV2 could properly support it) and David Robillard (who
> invented/implemented the missing LV2 pieces).
> We hope that convoLV2 will eventually be as fully-featured as IR.lv2
> without resorting to kludges that violate the LV2 specification.

Could you provide a bit more info about why and how IR.lv2 violate the 
LV2 specifications,
and (for a non-native english speaker) what is mean by  "kludges"?


> This announcement is exclusive to developer mailing lists.  Feel free to
> reply with any thoughts, and report back with any host implementation
> progress so the README can be updated.
> Happy Hacking,
> -dr
> [1] Assuming the Jack block length is a power of 2 anyway, which is not
> actually guaranteed, but is true in any case sane enough to care about.

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