[LAD] ANN: convoLV2 0.2

Tom Szilagyi tomszilagyi at gmail.com
Sat Oct 20 13:27:32 UTC 2012

On 20 October 2012 06:14, David Robillard <d at drobilla.net> wrote:
> We hope that convoLV2 will eventually be as fully-featured as IR.lv2
> without resorting to kludges that violate the LV2 specification.

I'm accepting patches to IR if anyone cares to implement the features
now seemingly made possible by LV2 so as to avoid any "kludges". I'm
sorry that I had to violate(?) your LV2 specs in order to be able to
produce a working plugin - one that was actually usable, back in
January 2011 and ever since, by actual audio engineers using Ardour.
I'd just like to note that the "inherent requirements" such a
convolving plugin poses, that you are now addressing with convoLV2
(maximum block length to be known in advance; power-of-2 buffer size),
have been raised by myself as questions and requests for features on
the LV2 mailing list sometime in early 2011, after considerable
frustration I had with LV2 while implementing IR. I'm quite happy that
LV2 is finally getting there, but I'm afraid that I have lost all
appetite for the sight of any LV2 specs so it is very unlikely that I
will be implementing any un-kludging, spec-un-violating changes


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