[LAD] Kontakt sampler format (and others like EXS24)

Nils list at nilsgey.de
Sun Sep 2 03:03:57 UTC 2012

Am Sat, 1 Sep 2012 23:44:38 +0200
schrieb Florian Schirmer <florian.schirmer at native-instruments.de>:

> Hi Harry,
> i'm curious, what exactly would be the linux version of Kontakt?
> Kontakt VST for Linux? Standalone? DSSI? LV2?
> What is necessary to cover 95% of the users?
> Thanks,
>     Florian

Like others said before: DSSI is legacy and Linux VST is not a beloved
child because of the legal issues that might arise even with the now
free GPL headers. 

Pianoteq did it Jack Standalone which is fine. But I think LV2 is even
better, not because out of convenience, since we have good
inter-application session management now, but because it fits more
usecases, therefore getting closer to the 95% mark:

A simple LV2 standalone host, which exist, 'converts' any LV2 plugin
into a JACK Standlone program without any additional latency, problems
But the reverse is not true afaik. You can't run Pianoteq as plugin
in Ardour or Qtractor because it is not one and end of the story.

But don't listen to me. The people who develop JACK standalone and LV2
plugins are fare more capable to give a real and technical answer, not
something from a simple user perspective. 


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