[LAD] Kontakt sampler format (Chicken Systems Translator)

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Mon Sep 3 20:10:18 UTC 2012

I know this is somewhat already covered in this discussion, but this is 
straight from the head of Chicken Systems (a friend of mine).  I asked 
him if there was any way beyond converting the samples (which Translator 
can do just fine) to get the Kontakt samples into Linux, and this was 
his reply:

"All the scripting is lost, there's nothing really to convert it to 
since no other platform is as intelligent. Of course, EastWest uses 
Python and I forgot what MachFive 3 uses, but I'm not sure how demanded 
such a conversion is."

So, until NI ports Kontakt to Linux, or someone else makes an equivalent 
or better sampler for Linux, we'll have to stick with some form of 
Windows.  Unless I've missed it, has anyone gotten it to work with Wine, 
or through Windows in VirtualBox?  I'm building a machine that will have 
most versions of Windows as VirtualBoxes, just to experiment with it, & 
to get away from Windows, albeit slowly, but this isn't my DAW, just a 
strong Linux (Fedora 17) box.


Dyrnwyn Studios & Workshops
Blomkest, MN

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