[LAD] [Ann] Folve: Fuse file system that convolves flac files on-the-fly

Henner Zeller h.zeller at acm.org
Sun Sep 16 07:46:42 UTC 2012

Over the week or so, I've build some fuse filesystem filters flac files
using the zita convolver. This makes it real easy to play
around with files and filters. In particular with systems that otherwise
don't support stream convolving, but just can read files.

This is in its early stages, but should be already pretty usable. To see
what is going on, it
includes a little webserver that gives a status page of what files are
currently being accessed.

(from the README:)
This fuse filesystem takes an original path to a directory with flac-files
and provides these files at the mount point. Accessing audio files will
automatically convolve these on-the-fly using the zita convolver by
Fons Adriaensen. You can directly use filter configuration files that you
for jconvolver/fconvolver.


So if this is something  you're interested in, check it out, provide
feedback patches :)

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