[LAD] [ALPHA] ladspa.m.*

Florian Paul Schmidt mista.tapas at gmx.net
Tue Apr 2 07:31:50 UTC 2013


after a somewhat productive weekend I'm happy to announce some alpha 
quality software (i.e. bug ridden, not feature complete) for your 
consideration and feedback :)

But: release early, release often XD

I went a little overboard with modularization and separation of 
concerns, so in the end it became four packages (with possibly one more 
in the future - a LV2 plugin to load the synths/instruments). 
Documentation is also very much lacking, but each package contains at 
lease a single example file to illustrate the usage.

* ladspa.m - https://github.com/fps/ladspa.m

ladspa.m is a header only c++ library to build and run general synthesis 
graphs made up out of LADSPA plugins. The interface is kept deliberately 
kept simple and unsafe, as it is expected that one uses higher level 
tools to build these synthesis graphs (e.g. using a library on top op 
ladspa.m.swig or ladspa.m.proto).

* ladspa.m.swig - https://github.com/fps/ladspa.m.swig

ladspa.m.swig are SWIG generated python bindings for ladspa.m. This 
allows building and running general synthesis graphs made up of LADSPA 
plugins from within python. This requires ladspa.m. NOTE: I just saw 
that the swig interface definition lacks the ability to connect outside 
buffers onto plugin ports. This will be fixed in the next few days..

* ladspa.m.proto - https://github.com/fps/ladspa.m.proto

ladspa.m.proto contains google protobuf definitions for general 
synthesis graphs made up of LADSPA plugins. It also contains a 
definition for an instrument file format. This library does not depend 
on either of the two above. It becomes useful with the last package 
(ladspa.m.jack) and possibly in the future with an LV2 plugin to load 
and run these (to be announced when done). The python bindings generated 
for ladspa.m.proto can be used to generate synth and instrument files 
that can be loaded by ladspa.m.jack. The instrument file definition 
allows for polyphony while at the same time putting no constraints on 
the inner structure of the instrument (each voice is made up out of 
plugins, they can be identical or not between all voices)..

An example is included which defines a simple sawtooth instrument with 
exponential envelopes and with 5 identical voices except for a different 
delay setting on each voice.


Pipe its output into a file called e.g. instrument.pb. This you can then 
load into ladspa.m.jack.instrument.

Here's a little example of the generated instrument file loaded into 
ladspa.m.jack.instrument and playing a little 120bpm loop (from ardour3) 
with it:


This also highlights the need for a higher level interface on top of it 
to ease the process..

* ladspa.m.jack - https://github.com/fps/ladspa.m.jack

ladspa.m.jack is a library which allows loading ladspa.m.proto synth and 
instrument definition files into jack hosts that are provided as example 

ladspa.m.jack.synth allows loading a synth definition file and run it in 
the jack graph.

ladspa.m.jack.instrument allows loading an instrument definition file 
and provides a midi in port which allows playing the synth.

But like I said this is all ALPHA software and I just announce it 
because someone else might have fun with it. Please report all issues 
that you find either per email to me, on LAD or LAU or on the issue 
trackers of the github projects..

Have fun,

Florian Paul Schmidt

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