[LAD] Usb Audio Driver

Lucas Takejame lucas at takejame.com.br
Wed Dec 11 16:31:26 UTC 2013

We are already using a RT-kernel and I guess we already did everything we
could do on OS changes to achieve a better latency. My doubt is if I can
change anything on the snd-usb driver to make it specific to our sound
card, aiming an improve in latency, since our pedalboard (
http://portalmod.com/en/index.html) has this sound card fixed and we won't
need a generic driver to the usb connection. I'm gonna send an e-mail to
the alsa-devel ML, thanks for the advices!

2013/12/11 Clemens Ladisch <clemens at ladisch.de>

> Lucas Takejame wrote:
> > my task now is to make the kernel's usb audio driver more appropriate
> > to our sound card.
> What specific problem do you have?
> > I was hoping that you could give me some directions on how can I
> > optimize the driver latency wise, any tips?
> For playback, you get lower latency by using a smaller buffer (which
> also increases the chance of an underrun).
> Regards,
> Clemens
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