[LAD] [ANN] Sqorlatti 0.1.3-b (music notation editor)

M Donalies ingeniousnebbish at cox.net
Fri Feb 8 14:34:43 UTC 2013

Currently, it's just for display and editing. There's no playback yet. And 
it's still pre-alpha, so you can expect it to crash without expending too much 

Just a few bug fixes. I've included the changelog to 0.1.3 as well, since the 
announce didn't make the list. If all goes well, the next release should be 
sometime in March.


Download (bzipped source tarball):

Changes in Sqorlatti 0.1.3-b:
* Fixed bug when trying to edit data in Score Dialog.

* Set initial background color of Staff Editor to white.

Changes in Sqorlatti 0.1.3:
* Converted configure/build system to cmake. See the INSTALL file for more 

* Added default tab tunings for std guitar and bass to Score.

* Added combo to select tab tuning to track dialog.

* Cleaned up some C-style casts and fixed some sloppy code involving const.

* Added edit modes (select, insert, and delete) to StaffEditor.

* ToolBar in StaffEditor with common note durations. For use in insert mode.

* Allow add/remove notes to chords and tuplets.

* Cleaned up Staff Editor drag & drop a little. There's still not much 
consistency checking, though.

* Added some user preferences, in particular, Staff Editor font size and 
background color. These preferences get stored in $HOME/.config/Sqorlatti (the 
usual place for Qt to put QSettings data). On the initial run, you probably 
want to change the Staff Editor background color. You can do this through the 
main window menu Tools->Preferences->Staff Editor.

Known problems:
* cmake cleanup not very good when doing in-source builds.

* Undo for inserting events and containers through MasterView not combined 
into a macro, so separate commands are issued for insert and edit. It's not 
really wrong, just inconvenient and confusing.

* Editing tab tunings not yet implemented.


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