[LAD] jackdbus eating 100% cpu after a while

Florian Paul Schmidt mista.tapas at gmx.net
Sat Feb 9 09:48:36 UTC 2013


I was a long term jackd1 user and my first action on a new linux 
installation (mostly using Ubuntu) was normally to remove pulseaudio as 
it was badly configured and/or buggy. Things have changed and I really 
started to like PA for everyday stuff. And then jackdbus came along 
which together with the device reservation API and the jackd sinks 
promised to make using these two things together more easy. This mostly 
works fine, except for the device reservation bug in PA which is easy to 
work around though:

- Make sure no audio process is actively using the soundcard you want 
jackd to use
- Run pulseaudio -k
- Run jack_control start

I have noticed some issues with jackdbus though:

a] jack_control start sometimes doesn't work at all after the first time 
it failed to aquire the device. A killall -9 jackdbus is in order to 
restore it

b] after some hours of operation jackdbus starts to eat 100% cpu on two 
of my four cores.

Are these known issues? I use Ubuntu 12.10 and jackd:

fps at mango 12:08:21 .../Games/Xonotic/ $ jackd -v
jackdmp 1.9.9

How to diagnose the 100% cpu thing more closely? The 
~.log/jack/jackdbus.log shows nothing suspicious.

Thanks and regards,

Florian Paul Schmidt

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