[LAD] [LAU] So what do you think sucks about Linux audio ?

hermann meyer brummer- at web.de
Sun Feb 10 13:12:21 UTC 2013

Am 10.02.2013 12:25, schrieb Jörn Nettingsmeier:
> On 02/05/2013 03:58 PM, Dave Phillips wrote:
>> Greetings,
> <snip>
>> I'm not so interested in comments on the commentary, I have my own, but
>> say what you will about the list. I figure that most denizens of these
>> lists already have ready replies and responses to these and other
>> criticisms, many of which have been voiced here previously. What I'm
>> more interested in is what *you* think is missing most or just plain
>> wrong about the situation. Please, try to speak your piece without
>> flames or dissing other developers and/or their work.
> [drum roll, the following with at least 15% THD and the distinct sound 
> of a 50s ribbon mike after long abuse:]
> ask not what free software can do for you, ask what you can do for 
> free software!
> [enter brass band with some heroic yet totally cheesy hymn 
> arrangement, think charles ives stealing frank zappa's reggae horn 
> arrangement of the stairway to heaven solo.]
> free software, my friends, is a natural resource. complaining about 
> the lack of this or that is just about as clever or useful as 
> complaining about the utter lack of oil or rare earth metals on your 
> home turf, which unjustly prevents you from becoming the next 
> rockefeller.
> making linux audio more approachable to people who have not grasped 
> this basic fact has no benefits at all, neither to developers nor to 
> users.
> personally, i find my days of linux audio evangelism are over. it 
> suits my needs better than ever before, and i make very sure that 
> people i talk to are made aware of the treasure trove of linux audio 
> tools.
> and of course i assume the lotus position and put on my most radiating 
> smile when people who have just figured that i'm a sort of computer 
> person then start complaining about their problems with operating 
> system $FOO and how proprietary tool $BAR is just a millstone around 
> their necks. but that's it.
> if they need guitar rig or protools or garageband, we can't give it to 
> them, so obviously they are better off on other platforms. that is 
> good. it's even better than turning them into frustrated converts who 
> then keep complaining how they can't run TDM or RTAS plugins or their 
> VSTs keep crashing or whatever.
> if somebody decides to take the plunge (which also implies some other 
> basic skills, such as being able to use email in a constructive 
> manner, learning what IRC is, aiming at learning to compile one's own 
> software, and so on), i will try to share tricks and help out as best 
> as i can.
> but why press-gang perfectly happy users of proprietary software into 
> linux, or put up with jerks who think the world has to support their 
> personal way of composing? that's just the lamest thing i can imagine.
> don't get me wrong, i think it's perfectly ok for non-programmers to 
> try and nudge developers gently towards what you think are good ideas. 
> i do it myself all the time, but i try to do it 
> _from_the_inside_of_a_project. that means i try to make myself a 
> little useful, subscribe to the mailing list, learn the software, 
> build from the latest dev tree, lose some productive time dealing with 
> crashes and try to provide useful feedback. only then do i sound off 
> about what new stuff i'd like to see.
> anything else is just bikeshedding.
> my 200 €.
> jörn

Often it sucks me, that, with my limited knowledge of the English 
language, I wasn't able to put things right on the point, like you have 
done it here.
Gladly that others could do, and do it.
Many thanks for this.


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