[LAD] Floss alternative to red5

APO33 info at apo33.org
Tue Feb 26 22:40:23 UTC 2013

Hello all,
we are working on some development of audio/video web live  
applications at the moment. We are facing a little problem, maybe some  
people here already came across. Some people advised us to use red5,  
an audio/video streaming and multi-user solution to take sound from  
mic / sound card input + webcam/cam to be streamed online via your  
browser. The biggest problem we are facing is that is based on adobe  
closed flash system and it use only proprietary format/codecs such as  
mp3, flv and h264 :-(
We are looking for a way to do the same with floss technologies such  
as ogg, theora, icecast or others...
The idea is that the final user will stream his sound and video with  
his browser and everyone could see/hear him and do the same via their  
We are actually testing some solutions with gstreamer but we still  
need an external client, although we are thinking about using some  
python script to run on the server to handle gstreamer live stream...  
but we are not sure...
Anyway if any of you have any hints or some floss solutions for that,  
it would be really highly appreciated :-)

thank you



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