[LAD] Libao and usb soundcards

Clemens Ladisch clemens at ladisch.de
Thu Jan 3 17:19:44 UTC 2013

Muffinman wrote:
> I'm struggling a bit with getting libao to work in C on Debian (Squeeze,
> kernel, driver is Alsa). I've got this slightly modified test
> script and it seems to work fine on my internal soundcard (it opens the
> device and plays a test tone). However, when trying to do the same trick
> on an external USB-dac (tried two different models), it gives an
> "Input/output error". I've tried different settings, but as far as I can
> see there is not really that much to set (especially if it plays on one
> soundcard but not the other, dev=hw:1 should suffice).

It's possible that the USB device does not support this sample format.
Try default:1 instead of hw:1.


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