[LAD] [ANN] ladspamm - a small c++ library for handling LADSPA plugins

Ove Karlsen ove.karlsen at paradoxuncreated.com
Mon Jan 7 11:05:55 UTC 2013

Mentioning LADSPA in 2013 is wildly outdated don´t you think?

I am a professional musician. I am also the developer of the millennium 
plugin suite, which is technically superior in anything it does, 
compared to closed-source variants.

This is a track mastered with my plugins, ultra-loud, good-sounding, 
minimal-phase gaussian EQ. etc etc.


More information on these can be found on my blog. - 

What I think Linux audio needs is to combine efforts for professional 
and regular users.
There seems to be little combined direction in linux audio. There are 
several standards, and nobody really seems to care much for them. And 
audiodrivers seem to vary in quality, and you can get better results 
with alternatives less used.

What should be done is, rethink the whole audio signal path/stack with 
regards to the lowest possible latency. Audio is one of the places, one 
really cares about low latency. While latency on the linux kernel now, 
is good enough for most uses, the audio needs rethinking. I tried a 
brand-new USB Fireface UCX, in classcompliant mode, and it did not work 
at first, needed a patch, and then only got 5ms latency. And I have run 
0.33 ms with a firewire card. Looking at this from a high-level 
perspective it seems to be a software problem. On windows, it works 
without a problem, and with 1ms latency, with the firewire drivers. 
Linux audio really needs to be as good. And knowing MS engineering, it 
can easily be better.

What about a professional mixer, used system wide, where you can apply 
effects, eq, routing etc. Windows does not have this. And a good plugin 
standard (atleast 64bit float). And the mixer should ofcourse be good 
enough, so that people can simply use it in their DAW software. 
Everybody working and refining this element, should improve any DAW.

And things need to be quick and easy to use. No uneccesary mouseclicks. 
Look at Logic audio, maybe 5.5.1 on windows, it can be very fast to use. 
Later versions on mac are also good, but to be honest, a bit bloated for 
my tastes, and they also reduced the control rate on some stuff there, 
which I did not like at all.

And what about trying to establish a universal soundplayback engine, 
with atleast sampleaccurate timing.

Making a os-level mixer and sequencer, with the features expected by 
professional, but that also scales to normal users, with a 
"soundblaster" would be the optimal.

And I have already done world-class DSP plugins, so that you don´t even 
have to worry about.

So summing it up, a world-class mixing and sequencer stack, with 
low-latency interfacing, (think 0.2ms should be doable = virtual 
hardware), with the least obscure code and codepaths. And make it easy 
for anyone to get into making plugins. No obscurities.

Peace Be With You.

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