[LAD] [ANN] ladspamm - a small c++ library for handling LADSPA plugins

Florian Paul Schmidt mista.tapas at gmx.net
Mon Jan 7 12:37:19 UTC 2013

On 01/07/2013 12:05 PM, Ove Karlsen wrote:
> Mentioning LADSPA in 2013 is wildly outdated don´t you think?

Yeah, I wondered whether to put the following remark at the top of the 
mail: "I know this is probably ten years too late..." but decided 
against it since I still find the simplicity of LADSPA to be appealing 
for a range of tasks..

[snipped the rest of the post as it wasn't related to ladspamm]

Have fun,

Florian Paul Schmidt

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