[LAD] What KvR didn´t understand.

Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Mon Jan 7 16:41:57 UTC 2013

On Tue, January 8, 2013 3:21 am, Vytautas Jancauskas wrote:
> He can't be for real. Come on.

That's the problem with too much Acid and Ganjah. They tend to confuse the
neural pathways so what seems like rational thought processes are actually
pretty abstract with large leaps being made.

However it's better than extreme cocaine or crystal meth abuse because
then things just become completely incoherent.

Given the state of the worlds elite leadership I will take confusing
ramblings of an otherwise well intentioned  homophobic Acid head (even on
LAD) over the piss poor performance of cocaine and alcohol soaked
politicians any day.

I am a little concerned at his intolerance for sexual preference. Either
he is very badly brainwashed to think that homosexuality makes a person
evil/stupid/inferior or he hasn't realise the immaturity of using such
language as a form of attack.

With his insistence that he is a godly person while also being so
aggressive it seems he has a few issues to work out which could also be
the cause of his obvious substance abuse. However it could be that he is
just responding to his social environment. Maybe he is from a part of the
world where they are intolerant towards homosexuals, believe strongly in
God and are generally agressive towards anyone who does not agree with
their view of the world.

Not sure which part of the world that would be though. Anyone have any ideas?

Patrick Shirkey
Boost Hardware Ltd

> On Mon, Jan 7, 2013 at 5:48 PM, Ove Karlsen <
> ove.karlsen at paradoxuncreated.com> wrote:
>>  Just get the fuck back in your chair, and clown up some code, and I am
>> going to do whatever I want with it. Maybe ultimately you do something
>> that
>> resembles sanity, and I just just get in there and tighten it up a bit.
>> I
>> recently did that on the entire linux kernel, and made jitter-sensitive
>> games like doom 3 run perfectly. On 5 year old hardware. Nobody knew it
>> was
>> possible, and many thought it was "disk-reads" or other things that
>> happened, and "should be there". I guess without a good man of God, are
>> you
>> are completely hopeless. And none of you either has done the DSP I have
>> done. So get back to the self-torture of being you, and your suboptimal
>> code, who no doubt gays and fertilizer enthusiasts can understand your
>> like
>> of.
>> Peace Be With You.
>> On 1/7/2013 4:46 PM, Neil C Smith wrote:
>> For the love of <insert fairy tale deity> please ban obvious troll! ;)
>> Neil C Smith
>> Artist : Technologist : Adviser
>> http://neilcsmith.net
>> On 7 Jan 2013 15:41, "Ove Karlsen" <ove.karlsen at paradoxuncreated.com>
>> wrote:
>>> On 1/7/2013 4:37 PM, Nils Gey wrote:
>>>> On Mon, 07 Jan 2013 14:20:16 +0100
>>>> Ove Karlsen <ove.karlsen at paradoxuncreated.com> wrote:
>>>>  The Beneficient Open-Source licence:
>>>>> http://paradoxuncreated.com/Blog/wordpress/?p=6198
>>>>> It´s still a bit work in progress, but people who generally
>>>>> understand
>>>>> open-source, should be very familier with what it expresses.
>>>>> Some small alternations might come, but not the general idea, of
>>>>> releasing as open-source, and the source staying open-source, and
>>>>> that
>>>>> it may be modified to be used alongside other licences, etc.
>>>> This license is build on a lie.:
>>>>  to benefit humankind, in the path of God
>>>> Odin does not exist but is a fairy-tale so you can't base a license
>>>> his
>>>> path. Better stick with the GPL.
>>>> Nils
>>> Nils what you really should do is, make the Object That Moves On Its
>>> Own
>>> Licence. When you pick up a rock, it was the rock that moved itself.
>>> That
>>> is not a fairlytale. That you can tell to all the fantasyconcepts in
>>> your
>>> head, and convince yourself is right. And btw, the gay toilets away
>>> you.
>>> GTC is your friend.
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