[LAD] [ann] CAPS 0.9.4

Tim E. Real termtech at rogers.com
Sun Jan 13 09:25:19 UTC 2013

On January 10, 2013 08:15:11 PM Tim Goetze wrote:
> [Gianfranco Ceccolini]
> >when running AmpVTS in JackRack I hear no difference when changing the amp
> >models. when plugging the Tonestack plugin the difference is perfectly
> >audible.
> >
> >Something worng with AmpVTS?
> Yes, it's a bug, thanks for pointing it out.  The attached patch fixes
> the problem.
> Thanks for the feedback and the kind words!
> Tim

Applied patch. The model seems to still make very little difference.
Hard to tell, but it seems like only model 7 sounds different than the rest.
Also hard to tell but the brightness seems to make no difference.
Should there be so little difference in these settings?
I seem to remember the old VTS model setting changed the sound more.

Anyway, so far it sounds really good. 
It seems a /lot/ more beefier than the old amp VTS.
I recall having to run a separate distortion plugin into the old VTS. No more.

(Another) Tim.

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