[LAD] [OT] digital mixer losing its presets after battery replacement

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Wed Jan 16 11:14:10 UTC 2013


The subject says it all. I recently had a tech replace the batteries in 
two Yamaha DPM11 mixers. As expected, all presets were lost, but I was 
able to restore them by a direct sysex transmission from one unit to the 
other (before that one's battery replacement). Alas, the transmitted 
data doesn't "keep", i.e. when the machine is turned off the battery 
appears to be draining its charge, because the presets are gone when I 
power up again. Grrrr.

Also, simplesysexxer seems to receive and transmit a bulk dump with no 
problems, but the units do not respond correctly. The first preset gets 
copied, then I receive an error code "cE". I could make good use of the 
machine's error code definitions now, but the only service manual I 
found available on the net is from a private dealer who wants too much 
money for it. I'll try contacting a retired Yamaha tech in Toledo OH, 
but does anyone on these lists have an idea what I should do ? Btw, the 
units work fine now, they just don't keep their presets.

Any & all assistance greatly appreciated !



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