[LAD] [ann] CAPS 0.9.5

Gianfranco Ceccolini franconassis at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 21:23:44 UTC 2013


I think the AutoFilter has something wrong.

Whatever settings I use it always yields the same low frequency sound, as
low pass filter. It happens even with the other mode - bandpass.

According to the webpage doc, in default settings it should work as a
AutoWah but it doesn't.

Any ideas?

Kind regards


2013/1/16 Tim Goetze <tim at quitte.de>

> This release of CAPS, likely to be the last for some time unless major
> bugs surface, brings
> * performance and sound improvements for AmpVTS,
> * selection of peak or RMS measurement in Compress,
> * 4x128 saturating mode for Compress,
> * 2x,4x and 8x oversampling for AutoFilter, and
> * more filter types for AutoFilter.
> The bug in 0.9.4 that rendered the AmpVTS tonestack selection control
> inoperative has been rectified.
> Probably appreciated only by its author or other digital
> palaeontologists, the CabinetIII plugin has been reintroduced.
> CabinetIV is still recommended over it because of the wider range of
> models, sample rate independency and lesser computational demands.
> Sample rate dependencies have been removed from NoiseGate, and its
> attack time is now configurable.
> http://quitte.de/dsp/caps.html
> http://quitte.de/dsp/caps.html#AmpVTS
> http://quitte.de/dsp/caps.html#Compress
> http://quitte.de/dsp/caps.html#AutoFilter
> http://quitte.de/dsp/caps.html#NoiseGate
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