[LAD] [ANN] Sqorlatti 0.1.2 (music notation program)

M Donalies ingeniousnebbish at cox.net
Thu Jan 17 02:09:44 UTC 2013

Currently, it's just for display and editing. There's no playback yet. And 
it's still pre-alpha, so you can expect it to crash without expending too much 

The biggest change is that I've implemented some of the edit boxes in the 
track, clip, and unit dialogs. The fun one to play with is changing the staff 
type (in the track dialog). Another important addition is that it's now 
possible to start from an empty score and add tracks, clips, and events. 
Unfortunately, you can't add tablature tunings from within the program yet. 
And adding notes to chords and tuplets still causes problems.

There's no change to the font, so if you were brave enough to try out the 
previous version and still have the font loaded, you don't need to reload it.

I put a commented out line for the -fpermissive flag in the project file. I'm 
hoping it's not needed anymore. If it is needed for compile, please let me 
know, since it means I'm doing something wrong with one of the template 


Download (bzipped source tarball):

It's written in C++ and uses Qt. There's no config or anything yet, just a Qt 
project file. So, as an ordinary user:
1. Unpack to a directory of your choice and cd to it.
2. qmake
3. make
4. Install the Sqorlatti.ttf font. It's located in the fonts subdirectory. In 
KDE you can install it by going to System Settings and clicking through 
the tabs Computer Administration / Font Installer / Personal Fonts / Add.
5. To run, type
./Sqorlatti [filename]
where [filename] is an optional *.sqo file to open. A few example files are in 
the examples directory.

Changes in Sqorlatti 0.1.2:
* Cleaned up include file paths.

* Fixed SqMainWindow::openStaffEditor() so tracks appear in order of selection.

* Added a few user-editible preferences.

* Fixed crashing after SqMainWindow::fileNew() by cleaning up MasterView.

* Allow adding Clips in Track dialog editor.

* Added undo for EventContainers (Clips Track, Unit, and Score).

* Allow changing staff type in track dialog. Note that if there's no tab 
tuning, staff type defaults to std notation.

Known problems still not fixed:
* Adding/removing notes to chords or tuplets. Eventually causes crash.

* Undo for inserting events and containers through MasterView not combined 
into a macro, so separate commands are issued for insert and edit. It's not 
really wrong, just inconvenient and confusing.

* Changing or editing tab tunings not yet implemented. This means that you 
can't create a new file within Sqorlatti that will display tablature. You can, 
however, open examples/Tablature.sqo, edit it, and save it under a different 
name. If you want different tab tunings (i.e. anything other than a standard 
guitar), you have to edit the *.sqo file by hand. This should all be fixed by 
version 0.1.3.


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