[LAD] CAPS- 0.9.7 (was [ann] CAPS 0.9.5

Tim Goetze tim at quitte.de
Tue Jan 22 21:15:50 UTC 2013

[Bart Brouns]
>I have a similar problem as the one reported earlier:
>In AmpVST, all amp-models sound the same to me except the BassMan.
>Also: they all have a lot more gain/distortion then the BassMan.
>This is with v 0.9.7.
>If you want I can provide a small Ardour session to demonstrate the

That's a new one probably, the earlier problem was the tonestack model
selection updating from the "over" control input, and the "tonestack"
control being useless.  This has been fixed in 0.9.7 anyway.

At the moment I must admit I don't have an idea what could be causing
the problem you experience.  What compiler have you been using?  

If you want to, you can send me a floating-point .wav file exported
from your session and tell me at what point in the file you changed
settings, but I can't guarantee I'll be able to figure it out.

What compiler have you been using?

I quite enjoyed the pictures at your site btw.

Thanks, Tim

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