[LAD] error with jalv

Gianfranco Ceccolini gianfranco at portalmod.com.br
Mon Jun 17 18:33:25 UTC 2013

hi LADs

I installed linux on a new macbook retina and have getting some trouble
running jalv.

it gives me the error

gian at gian-MacBookPro:~/mod/LV2/jalv-1.4.0$ jalv.gtk
Plugin:       http://guitarix.sourceforge.net/plugins/gx_amp#GUITARIX
UI:           http://guitarix.sourceforge.net/plugins/gx_amp#gui
JACK Name:    GxAmplifier-X
Cannot connect to server socket err = No such file or directory
Cannot connect to server request channel
jackdmp 1.9.10
Copyright 2001-2005 Paul Davis and others.
Copyright 2004-2013 Grame.
jackdmp comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY
This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it
under certain conditions; see the file COPYING for details
no message buffer overruns
no message buffer overruns
no message buffer overruns
JACK server starting in realtime mode with priority 10
Acquire audio card Audio1
creating alsa driver ... hw:1,0|hw:1,0|256|2|44100|0|0|nomon|swmeter|-|32bit
configuring for 44100Hz, period = 256 frames (5.8 ms), buffer = 2 periods
ALSA: final selected sample format for capture: 24bit little-endian
ALSA: use 2 periods for capture
ALSA: final selected sample format for playback: 24bit little-endian
ALSA: use 2 periods for playback
Block length: 256 frames
MIDI buffers: 32768 bytes
Comm buffers: 131072 bytes
Update rate:  2 Hz
using block size: 256

MasterGain = -15,000000
PreGain    = 0,000000
Distortion = 20,000000
Drive      = 0,250000
Middle     = 0,500000
Bass       = 0,500000
Treble     = 0,500000
Cabinet    = 10,000000
Presence   = 5,000000
model      = 0,000000
t_model    = 1,000000
c_model    = 0,000000
Inconsistency detected by ld.so: dl-open.c: 684: _dl_open: Assertion
`_dl_debug_initialize (0, args.nsid)->r_state == RT_CONSISTENT' failed!
JackEngine::XRun: client = GxAmplifier-X was not finished, state = Triggered
JackAudioDriver::ProcessGraphAsyncMaster: Process error
gian at gian-MacBookPro:~/mod/LV2/jalv-1.4.0$ Unknown error...
terminate called after throwing an instance of

due to the new retina display I've installed both KDE and GNOME. I wonder
if the problems com from that.

Any help is appreciated.

kind regards

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