[LAD] Open-source Band-in-a-Box replacement

Michael Niemeck michael at niemeck.org
Wed Jun 26 13:34:25 UTC 2013

Quoting Luis Garrido <luis at vagar.org>:

> Do you know of mma?

Yeah I know it, in fact it's what I currently use for practice  
playbacking. But while I'm an avid user of things like LaTeX and  
lilypond myself, I feel that the GUI-less approach of MMA doesn't work  
for everyone and in all situations.

I was briefly considering using MMA as a backend and just gluing a GUI  
on top of it, like the LinuxBand project did, but after a lot of  
tinkering with architecture options decided to go all the way and  
implement the backend as well. I'd also like to try and move away from  
the pattern-based approach that MMA and a lot of others use as well in  
the process.

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