[LAD] Sync Arpage to Hydrogen

Thijs van severen thijsvanseveren at gmail.com
Tue Mar 5 08:54:17 UTC 2013

hi All

i'm still struggling to get more info about jack transport debugging (see
mail below)
are there any jack transport debug tools available ?


2013/1/13 Thijs van severen <thijsvanseveren at gmail.com>

> Hi all
> i'm trying to sync arpage (jack synced arpeggiator) to Hydrogen:
> in hydrogen i enabled jack transport + set hydrogen as master
> Arpage gets triggered when i hit play in hydrogen, but it does not do what
> i expect it to do (the tempo is all 'weird')
> if i do the same with qtractor, ardour or the jack_transport utility as
> jack master everything works as expected
> now i'm trying to find an easy way to see if there is any difference
> between the way hydrogen and the other apps start/stop/'master' the jack
> transport, but so far i cant see any difference
> is there any app/utility that can give me detailed info about jack
> transport ?
> i have logged a ticket (including a screen recording @ bottom of the
> ticket) of this strange behavior :
> https://github.com/hydrogen-music/hydrogen/issues/81
> any tips ?
> grtz
> Thijs
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follow me on my Audio & Linux blog <http://audio-and-linux.blogspot.com/> !
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