[LAD] Mixing audio: Implementing pan and balance

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On Tue, Mar 12, 2013 at 3:08 PM, Tim E. Real <termtech at rogers.com> wrote:

lance, but slightly different levels, but not a true 'stereo pan'.

But having said that, yes I'm wondering about a true 'stereo pan' feature.

first, terminology. just as when describing track or bus I/O configuration, 
"mono" and 'stereo" just doesn't really work very well. 

simpler to describe things in terms of number of inputs and number of outputs.

with 1 input to 1 output: no panning
1 input to 2 output: simple panning
2 inputs to 2 outputs:  ....

in this last case you have to consider the desired "width" of the signal, as 
well as possible phase relationships between the 2 inputs. in many scenarios 
it would be technically wrong to ever sent the "L" input to the "R" speaker 
and vice versa, but in others it may be ok. and the user might want it to be 
ok in every case.


Ah yes, I would lose separation 'width' when this 'stereo pan' would be 
 adjusted from center. Which may cause phasing problems. More to consider.
One option might be to give each channel its own pan and be done with it.

Cool that Ardour and NON have multi-channel strips and NON 'spatialization'. 
I painstakingly considered making all our strips multi-channel but decided
 against it due to complexity, so I only support multi-channel
 soft synthesizers, not the strips themselves which remain max 2 channels. 

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