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Fri Mar 29 23:41:49 UTC 2013

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From: Alex Stone <alextone1099 at gmail.com>
Date: 29 March 2013 23:52
Subject: A request for a simple app
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I've been working with large lscp files, over a hundred .idfs for muse 2,
etc, for sometime now, and i'm pretty well knackered from manually creating
large monolithic instrument config files of some sort or another, for the
same sample library set, across apps.

I propose the following, and i'm wiling to put some money in someone's
pocket for this:

A simple app (CLI is ok but GUI based preferred) that:

1) automatically converts lscp files containing single or multiple midi
instrument maps into individual midnam files.

2) automatically converts muse2 .idf files into midnam files.

3) converts midnam files into muse2 .idf files

Obviously needs to work properly, and create correct ( auto app checked)
midnam and .idf files.

App needs to be opensource (obviously), and public, for those other poor
souls who have to struggle with large instrument files, particularly those
using large sample libs with copious articulations per instrument, and for
whom automation of these excruciating data processing tasks would save
massive amounts of time and effort.

Thanks, and if you're interested, contact me privately,

Alex Stone.

>> Just a follow up to this, please, no python or java. I have decidedly
mixed results with both that vary wildly with no obvious hint of which is
which. (I may well be a jinx of some sort.)

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