[LAD] [ANN] - Introducing the MOD - Your LV2 plugins at your feet

Gianfranco Ceccolini gianfranco at portalmod.com.br
Thu May 2 20:34:59 UTC 2013

Dear Linux Audio users and developers

We at AGR/HackLab are very proud to announce our newest creation: the MOD.

In a nutshell, the MOD it is a programable Linux based hardware
processor/controller with LV2 support.

It’s main objective is to take the processing of any LV2 plugins to the

We will make a presentation at the 2013 LAC on saturday 11 of may, at
17:10. We hope to see some of you guys there!

To make things more interesting there we also created the following

- MOD Cloud, an online plugin repository

- MOD Social Network, a place where MOD users can exchange their virtual

- MOD SDK - a software development kit

- Control Chain - a hardware interface for external controllers

You can see all costumer related info on the website
www.portalmod.com/enand you can watch a video of the prototype working

The core software inside the MOD is Open Source and is being published at
github (https://github.com/portalmod).

You can download the LAC Paper at
http://portalmod.com/blog/2013/05/mod-on-lac-and-berlin/. In it you will
find an explanation of the MOD working structure, both software as hardware

As the MOD comprises both software (host and web-gui) and hardware which
were not entirely predicted in the LV2 specification, there is some code to
be added to the LV2 bundles in order to make it work nice on the MOD. All
this added code refers only to the GUI and/or the controller. The actual
audio code (the plugin .so file) is left intact.

A LV2 without this extra code still will work, but will not have 100% of
its potential. It will have a generic dashboard icon, no visible icon knobs
and a generic controller display type.

When using the MOD connected to your PC or tablet using the webgui you can
browse the locally installed plugins (inside the MOD) as well as the ones
that are online at the MOD Cloud, provided you PC / tablet is connected to
the internet. The plugins from the cloud can be installed with a simple
drag movement.

The MOD Cloud is the place we expect to have the most interaction with the
LAD comunity. It is a plugin repository divided in four sections: official,
testing, contrib and commercial (any resemblance to apt-get’s
sources.config is a mere coincidence...).

The official branch is where you find the plugins uploaded by the MOD team.
Most of them are well known open source plugins which were packaged with
our gui and controller needed codes. The CAPS, CALF, INVADA, GUITARIX, MDA
and many others are all there with custom HTML GUIs and some tweaks where

The testing branch is where you find all the plugins the MOD team wants to
send to the official branch, but for any reason haven’t yet.

The contrib branch is something like Arch Linux AUR. It is an open
repository where you, the developers, can upload open source plugins to the
MOD community.

The commercial branch is just like the contrib, but for closed plugin to be
sold to MOD users. We expect to generate a feasible business model for all
LAD developers which intend to make a living on audio plugin programming.

Last but not least there is the MOD SDK.

The main goal of the SDK is to make it simple to set a GUI to your plugin
before installing it into your MOD.

We think that when using the SDK the developers will be able to concentrate
on their audio code and spend the least amount of time with interface

The SDK has a package of ready available resources (pedal and rack skins,
knobs, layout templates) with which you can pack your plugin by completing
a simple wizard.

There is also the documentation needed to create new screen widgets in
order to develop your own custom plugin GUI. The included resource code can
also be used as example.

We would like to thank all the LAD community for its ongoing efforts
towards having a decent plugin structure for linux audio.

For the developers of the plugins we are packing we’d like to know whether
you guys have any kind of objections.

We believe that a lively MOD users community would expand the LAD plugins
userbase and thus open new possibilities for developers.

We hope you all like what we are doing and we would love to discuss further
details with you.

Kind Regards

Gianfranco Ceccolini
The MOD Team
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