[LAD] [ANN] - Introducing the MOD - Your LV2 plugins at your feet

Gianfranco Ceccolini gianfranco at portalmod.com.br
Fri May 3 16:05:22 UTC 2013

Hi Rosea

This is a very important discussion we are continuously having and surely
the most we can develop it here at the LAD, the better.

We really expect that MOD will stimulate the development of GPL LV2
plugins, both by amateur developers and professional developers who make a
living out of it.

My personal opinion is that even if we build a "plugin store", there is no
reason why he plugins in that store could not be GPL licensed. I mean,
people can download it somewhere else, but they would have to compile it
and manually install it in MOD, test if its ok, etc... while through MOD
Cloud it would be one guaranteed click..

We also think its important to put the developer closer to the musicians,
with open comments for plugins, developer profile and things like that, so
the musician have a better perception about where the plugin he/she loves
comes from.

Of course some developers wont feel comfortable with that and will prefer
to close the code. We may have other players coming to the scene also,
developers of proprietary plugins porting their software to LV2...

I think everything can coexist... and we can together think about
mechanisms to give privilegies to FLOSS plugins, or , at least, to
guarantee that MOD will be allways giving back to the FLOSS community....

>From a practical perspective, we are trying to offer a structure (hardware
- online open repository - social communication) which itself  is centered
on the use of the plugins. I believe that this is the way to have a
flourishing development community.



2013/5/3 rosea.grammostola <rosea.grammostola at gmail.com>

>  You can see all costumer related info on the website
>>> www.portalmod.com/en <http://www.portalmod.com/en> and you can watch a
>>> video of the prototype working here
>>> http://portalmod.com/blog/**2013/03/video-1-testando-o-**prototipo/<http://portalmod.com/blog/2013/03/video-1-testando-o-prototipo/>
>>> The core software inside the MOD is Open Source and is being published
>>> at github (https://github.com/portalmod)**.
>>> [....]
>>> We hope you all like what we are doing and we would love to discuss
>>> further details with you.
>>> Kind Regards
>>> Gianfranco Ceccolini
>>> The MOD Team
> In which way to you support/stimulate FLOSS LV2 plugins and/or proprietary
> LV2 plugin?
> I wonder if this project will stimulate the development of FLOSS or
> proprietary LV2 plugins.
> \r
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