[LAD] QMidiArp-0.5.2 released

Frank Kober goemusic at yahoo.fr
Wed May 8 22:58:57 UTC 2013

QMidiArp 0.5.2 has just seen the light of the day. It brings mainly 
two improvements. One is a comeback, that of tempo changes on the fly, 
and that now includes also tempo changes of a potential Jack Transport 
master. Also the Jack Transport starting position is finally taken into 
account, so that QMidiArp should be in sync also when starting the 
transport master not at zero. 
The second one is Non Session Manager support, mainly thanks to the work done by Roy Vegard Ovesen!
Note that for compiling in NSM support you will now need liblo as dependency.

Enjoy, and enjoy LAC in Graz this year


QMidiArp is an advanced MIDI arpeggiator, programmable step sequencer and LFO. 

Everything is on 

qmidiarp-0.5.2 (2013-05-09)

New Features
o Tempo changes are again possible while running, both manually or by
a Jack Transport Master
o Jack Transport position is now taken into account when starting,
QMidiArp used to start always at zero
o Muting and sequencer parameter changes can be deferred to pattern
end using a new toolbutton
o Modules in the Global Storage window have mute/defer buttons
o Global Storage location switches can be set to affect only the pattern
o Non Session Manager support with "switch" capability (thanks to
Roy Vegard Ovesen)

General Changes
o NSM support requires liblo development headers (liblo-dev package)

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