[LAD] About lobal way for application theming, or disvalue of hardcoded theming

Nikita Zlobin cook60020tmp at mail.ru
Fri May 17 13:16:19 UTC 2013

Hello. After initial theme, "send midi message" faded through user-friendlity 
into UI issues, i recalled about one old good thing, which seems to be 
forgotten, mostly related to gtk2 pro apps theming (i don't even hope to get 
it for fltk, since utf8 support in 1.3 is already great achievement, that may 
be get for fltk1 apps now).

Some cool apps like ardour, guitarix, hybridreverb and probably, several more, 
force to use some specific theme without the ability to change it in user-
friendly way. I already got answer from ardour maintainer, where my noticement 
was treated as wishment to use global desktop application everywhere, and that 
desktop themes are inadequate for pro-audio apps.

Honestly, i would like to have different look in some cases. One well known 
case is root applications, colored to red or just more agressive/attenting 
colors than users.

On screenshot: http://wstaw.org/m/2013/05/17/plasma-desktopJ20308.png
i placed seq24 with ardour3 dark theme and gjacktransport with my default 
theme — hardcurve, which i have set globally.

I made it to demonstrate, that special application or sub-session wide look 
should not be hardcoded (otherwise we could end up like gnome3/gtk3, which as 
i heard, don't like when users customize it and break as on each new release 
of gtk3). For case of cross-platform apps, which should not look ugly on 
foreign systems, at least option to toggle between internal and system-wide 
look should always appear.

I have to implement a tool, which should allow to run application, as well as 
subsessions, with different look, while keeping user-friendly way to change 

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