[LAD] [ann] liblo 0.27 released

Stephen Sinclair radarsat1 at gmail.com
Thu May 23 15:37:40 UTC 2013

We are pleased to present stable release 0.27 of LibLo, the
lightweight, easy to use implementation of the Open Sound Control

Open Sound Control (OSC) is a protocol for communication among
computers, sound synthesizers, and other multimedia devices that is
designed for use over modern network transports.

This is the first release in quite some time, and includes several
major features and improvements since the 0.26 release, particularly
related to bundles, multicast, and TCP support.  Features include:

- Support for sending and receiving nested bundles, including
  ref-counted memory handling for bundled messages.
- Support for multicast in oscdump and oscsend tools.
- Callbacks for bundle handling.
- Select desired network interface for multicast.
- Fix blocking semantics of lo_server_wait() / lo_server_recv().
- Make inclusion of threading-related code optional.
- Basic compilation script for Android.
- Allow to optionally disable server dispatch queueing at runtime.
  (In this case messages are dispatched immediately even if they are
  timestamped for later.)
- Support bidirectional use of TCP ports using lo_send_from().
- Add SLIP protocol support for packetization when sending and
  receiving with TCP.
- Allow to enable the TCP_NODELAY flag on TCP sockets.
- Support for specifying server parameters via URL string, and also
  support for URL strings in the oscsend and oscdump tools.
- As a result of the above, support for TCP and Unix sockets in the
  oscsend and oscdump tools.

Bug fixes include:

- Fixed timestamp serialization.
- Fixed blob padding and char-type padding.
- Close sockets properly under Windows.
- Fix multicast under Windows.
- Fix TCP reception blocking behaviour, such that a message can span
  multiple calls to recv().
- Correct printing of blob bytes.
- Only call getnameinfo() when requested.

This release contains contributions by:

- Camille Troillard
- Hanspeter Portner
- Jamie Bullock
- Joseph Malloch
- Pete Goodeve
- rjvbertin
- Mok Keith
- David Robillard
- John McFerran
- Artem Baguinski
- William Light

Please download it at SourceForge:

Or read the online documentation:

The git repository can be found at the following mirrors:

- git://liblo.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/liblo/liblo
- git://gitorious.org/liblo/mainline.git
- https://github.com/radarsat1/liblo.git

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