[LAD] wiki consolidation linuxmusicians.com & linuxaudio.org

Thijs van severen thijsvanseveren at gmail.com
Sun May 26 10:39:23 UTC 2013

Great initiative :-)
Joining forces is exactly the sort of thing that linux (audio) needs !

Op 26-mei-2013 02:00 schreef "Robin Gareus" <robin at linuxaudio.org> het

> Hi all,
> Just a quick head's up: linuxaudio.org and linuxmusicians.com have
> joined forces. Today Arnout and me have started to consolidate the wiki:
> http://wiki.linuxmusicians.com has been merged into
> http://wiki.linuxaudio.org/
> Many thanks to all who have contributed to and helped maintaining the
> content over the past years! Your efforts are very much appreciated.
> There are still a few open ToDo items to be sorted out. In case you
> would like to help, please see
>   http://wiki.linuxaudio.org/wiki/migrationprogress
> Cheers!
> robin
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