[LAD] wav composer not toilet non-release

James Morris james at jwm-art.net
Mon Apr 7 00:07:52 UTC 2014


After an intensive development of my ten year old project Wav Composer
Not toilet, from September 2013 up to the new year, I was intending to
make a new release in February, and then March, and then...

Unfortunately an official release has not materialized so I'm just
saying here is the code, do what the kcuff you like with it.

-=-=-=-=-=-= What?

Wav Composer Not Toilet is a text based non-professional non-realtime
non-interactive modular audio synthesis, sampler, and sequencer by a
hobbyist developer scratching an itch which has eased off for now.

-=-=-=-=-=-= What's new?

The main focus of recent development was intended to create greater
flexibility for the user in how modules and 'data objects' are
specified within a file. This flexibility allows:
    * arbitrary ordering of items
    * optional items
    * optional groups of items
    * multiple choice items
    * self connection of optional inputs

This is available in the master branch and can be built like so:

git clone https://github.com/jwm-art-net/wcnt.git
cd wcnt
sed -i 's/DEFS=-ggdb/#DEFS=-ggdb/' Makefile
make examples

(the sed command above will remove debugging info that should be
removed in a release). After running `make examples` look in the
examples/ directory to see what wcnt has done.

Wav Composer Not Toilet is hardcoded to use a limited selection of
LADSPA plugins and no others, these are:

    * Bode Frequency Shifter
    * C* PlateX2
    * DC Offset Remover
    * Fast Lookahead Limiter
    * Glame Low and High pass filters (+ Butterworth versions)
    * Single Band Parametric EQ

The examples will fail to complete if these are not available. They
reside in the C* (formerly Caps) and SWH LADSPA plugin suites.

However, in the custom_names branch on github a generic LADSPA module is
available which allows specification of arbitrary LADSPA plugins. It is
working to a basic extent but unfinished.

Carry on.

James Morris

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