[LAD] computer keyboard control surface update

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Thu Aug 7 06:35:28 UTC 2014

Please excuse my "youthful" enthusiasm...
I am having some success with my usb computer keyboard as a midi control 

All things are assignable to any key.
the key events press, release, and repeat can be set separately (or 

Key presses can control:
- Jack transport:
 	1 or ten sec forward or back (will make this settable)
 		I have press do one second and repeat do 10
- midi messages these are all in hex and can include:
 	channel messages like key, ctl, pgm, etc
 	sysex up to 20 char in total
 		I am not sure what the limit is for jack
 		but any of the control surfaces I have
 		studied seem to send less.
The reality is that there are lots of control surfaces out there and sw 
has to handle what they send.

I do have a question though about ardour control by midi. The Mackie IF 
says it sends control messages that are in the form num of ticks up or 
down. This means I should be able to have a key send ticks up and another 
ticks down, but this doesn't seem to work.

Also, It seems the master rec-enable is not toggle-able. Odd. I have tried 
both making a map file and using the learn function. Is there more 
documentation for this somewhere? It would not be impossible to toggle 
things from inside the controler or take ticks up and down and convert to 
127 or 1024 steps. This is not just for ardour but I am wanting to know 
what is standard.

Len Ovens

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