[LAD] revisiting pulse and jackdbus

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Fri Aug 15 02:04:10 UTC 2014

On Tue, 12 Aug 2014, Max wrote:
>> Pulse on jack.
> Would you suggest that your method is better and should be the
> canonical way to do pulse on jack? If so, shall we write up an
> alternative WalkThrough on the jackoudio wiki that helps people
> setting that up?

Something more to add. If you are using a debian based distro (ubuntu for 
example) the jackd executable needs to be chmod -x or you will find odd 
things happen if you manage to crash jackdbus. Generally some well meaning 
program will come along and start jackd making qjackctl of no use and 
making module-jackdbus-detect unable to set up the pa-jack bridge. The 
command killall -9 jackd needs to be run. I now concider this has rissen 
above anoyance to bug. Jackd2 and jackdbus should be packaged separately. 
If needed the jackdbus version can come with a script that has 
jack_control's innards, but acts like jackd. (uses jackd's config file and 
takes jackd's arguments on the CL... may as well give it jackd's name 
too). For my use, all it would have to do is ignore the arguments and run 
jack_control start which would restart with the parameters I chose before 
or do nothing if it is already running.

Len Ovens

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