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On Fri, August 22, 2014 19:36, Gene Heskett wrote:

> And there is nothing that assaults ones ears more than someone who thinks
>  he has to have a room thumping bass line, sets it so the axe and drums
> are about +20 db, then runs it all thru a fast compressor, "ducking" the
> rest of the music in time with the bass.
> I had the pleasure of mixing for KISS back in the later '70's, when they
> were fairly new, and had stopped into KIVA-TV on a steamy labor day and
> offered to do a few hours of music for Jerry's Kids as they weren't due
> for the next show, someplace in Texas till the next evening.  I purposely
>  set the axe and drums to be maybe 3 db above the rest of it.  I taped
> about 5 minutes of it as it went to air and invited Gene to come listen
> on our cheap control room monitor when that set was over, which he did
> intently for about 4 minutes without a comment, but as the tune was
> winding down he said that was the best "amateur" recording he had heard
> so far.
> Our compressor at the time was one of the best, a CBS Labs Audimax.  It
> kept us legal, but it took a well trained ear to detect that it was
> actually doing anything.  I was so impressed by its general invisibility
> that every place I went for the next 30 years soon had one of those
> replacing whatever the latest sound wrecker was installed by some gung ho
>  previous "engineer". When I took the position at WDTV, I was in the GM's
>  office 2 days later pleading for money to go buy a used one, the then
> brand new DBX-165 that had been installed 3 weeks earlier pumped and
> breathed so bad I compared it to the bedroom sounds from the night
> before. The girl that did all the CG work said it reminded her of why they
> spelled sex es ee ex, because no one could spell uh, uh UH, UH
> ,UGH,UGHHHHaaaw.
> Strange, the things an old fart remembers. :)
> Today the only other compressor I'd bolt into the audio rack would be an
> Orban.  But weld a cover over the controls so the Program Director can't
> try to "make it louder".  He'll make it louder yes, and get you cited for
> overmod, and cost your station 5 points in the next ratings book because
> ears get tired of that crap quickly & the dial gets turned to something
> less obnoxious, a death sentence in a multi-station market.  BTDT.
> Cheers, Gene Heskett
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