[LAD] Half-OT: Fader mapping - was - Ardour MIDI tracer

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Sun Aug 24 19:33:03 UTC 2014

PS: Instead of an 80th early reflection, I used an IR that came with
jconvolver (IIRC that time it was named jconv or similar). When I
noticed that guitarix included jconv I tried out guitarix, because
jconv's drawback was, that it only could be set up by a config file, no
real-time editing was possible. I tested Guitarix and noticed that the
stereo IR was used mono. Linux already provided the stereo IR, something
that Lexicon already provided decades before, just guitarix crippled it
to mono. Perhaps I missed something, since I experienced Guitarix as a
tool that did neither keep pace with the times, nor it keeps place with
the times >= 20 years ago.

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