[LAD] [ANN] GUI toolkit and 2 audio applications, also for Android

W.Boeke w.boeke at upcmail.nl
Wed Feb 5 14:57:50 UTC 2014


This is an announcement for a GUI toolkit, which works for Android tablets as well as for the Linux desktop. This means that all widgets are touch-friendly, such that values can be observed also when 
you put your thick fingers on the sensitive areas.

The library is accompanied with 2 audio applications: a (more or less) classic synthesizer and a (not so classic) organ. Both are polyphonic. My intention was to create applications that you can use 
at home with a regular MIDI controller, and outdoors with an on-screen keyboard or with a mini MIDI controller.

Android is traditionally plaged with a long audio latency, but the latest version (KitKat) is really good in this respect. Also the USB interface is fast. IMHO, these musical instrument applications 
are really playable now.

Notice that you can build (if you want so) an application for Linux only, or for Android only. The source code as well as an introduction can be found at:

Comments are welcome.

Wouter Boeke

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