[LAD] [ANN] GUI toolkit and 2 audio applications, also for Android

W.Boeke w.boeke at upcmail.nl
Thu Feb 6 09:24:22 UTC 2014

Oops! The missing xml files are included now. Please download the new tar.gz file, because the correct AndroidManifest.xml file is containing one essential line which makes the cummunication with the 
USB keyboard more robust.

The Nexus7 indeed is classified as non-low latency, although the criterium for this is not quite clear. Anyhow, the audio buffer is 512 samples, as reported by 
This is not bad, it will yield a max audio latency of 11.6 ms. The rest of the audio chain is hardware-accellerated (using OpenSL). In older versions of the Android OS (pre-KitKat) the main latency 
originated from the USB connection to the MIDI keyboard, and the overall latency was worse than under Linux. But now, the persieved Android latency is better than the Linux one! (at least on my system).

Wouter Boeke

On 02/05/2014 11:34 PM, Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas wrote:
> Nice work! Thanks for sharing. The graphics are somewhat crude, but this
> surely will be improved in future releases.
> You forgot to include on both projects CT-synth and CT-farfisa the files
> build.xml  and AndroidManifest.xml, so it is not possible to build the apps
> out of the box for Android.  Nevertheless I've managed to test them on my
> Nexus7. The latency is not bad at all, but it could be better. On this device,
> I've never got better results with my own tests. The interesting logcat line
> is:
> I/TestNative(  769): java: low latency=false sr=44100 bs=512
> This is after including in the app manifest an explicit request:
> <uses-feature android:name="android.hardware.audio.low_latency"
> android:required="true" />
> Regards,
> Pedro

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