[LAD] FVWM-Crystal-3.3.2 is out

Dominique Michel dominique.michel at vtxnet.ch
Sat Feb 22 05:03:25 UTC 2014

This is an exceptional announcement.

You may ask why announce a FVWM-Crystal release on the LAA,
fvwm-crystal being a desktop. That's simple, fvwm-crystal was improved
in 3.3.0 with a key modifier editor which let you change its key

This will affect only the extensive set of fvwm-crystal own
key-bindings, and the key bindings of other applications will remain
fully unaffected. That's a very easy and fast way to have the extensive
key-bindings set of applications like ardour or emacs to not collide
with the desktop.

During the last 2 years, a lot of bug fixes was done, the existing
features was improved and unified between the recipes, and new features
was added. The list of changes is so huge that it is better to try it
for yourself, if you don't already have done it. During the last few
months, a particular effort was made to fix some nasty bashisms. That
should make fvwm-crystal to work much better with distributions using
dash as default shell, and fix one hopefully unnoticed security issue.

A short and very partial story of the last releases:
3.3.2 bring 2 new recipes with ACPI support (battery, cpu speed and
3.3.1 bring a new and complete Dutch translation and a Preference
Editor for the preferences that don't have menu options.
It bring too a pot file for easy translations in new languages.
3.2.6 see an updated Russian translation and x-terminal-emulator
support (Debian).
3.2.4 add mount/umount/pmount/pmount-gui support with the built-in
desktop icons.
3.2.1 finally succeed to remove the restart with all preference
changes but one.
3.2 see a complete rewrite of the Thunar desktop icons manager. Not
only the buttons was redone from the scratch into a single button,
which fix the flickering, but also a new implementation of the
associated actions was done. Now it's possible to associate any file
manager you can think about with these icons, 2 are supported at the
same time, as well than custom commands.
For a complete list, see the ChangeLog file.

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