[LAD] NetJack question

Mark Hills mark at pogo.org.uk
Mon Feb 24 22:23:57 UTC 2014

On Mon, 24 Feb 2014, David J Myers wrote:

> I need to take the audio input from my sound hardware on one Linux box, 
> send it over the network to a second Linux box and play it back on the 
> second box sound hardware.

> Can this be done using jackd and jack_netsource without modification? If 
> not, can it be done with a simple Jack applet of my own? If not, how can 
> I implement this quickly without writing my own streaming server and 
> client?

Without wanting to hijack the thread (your subject is NetJack but your 
question more general), I had a similar use case and this could be useful 
to you:




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