[LAD] JACK on Gigaport HD+ at 4800kHz (reduced channel count)

Jörn Nettingsmeier nettings at stackingdwarves.net
Mon Feb 24 22:34:47 UTC 2014

Hi *!

I'm trying to get my Gigaport HD+ to run at 48000kHz. The specs say it 
is capable of 8ch @ 44k1/16, 6ch at 44k1/24 and 48k/24.

When I try to start it at 48k, it comes up ok but ends up running at 
44k1. It shows 8 channels, so that's expected.
Now, how do I tell it to use only 6, so that I can get to 48k?
I've tried setting -o6, which gives the usual "cannot set playback 
channel count".
Next I looked at amixer -D hw:3 controls, and there is a playback switch 
map that is set to "on,on,on,on,on,on,on,on". I set it to 
"on,on,on,on,on,on,off,off" and retry. No luck. Still fails to set 
playback channel count, JACK still comes up with 8 outs and falls back 
to 44k1.

What am I missing? Is there some .asoundrc magic that might come to the 
rescue? Maybe define a device that has only 6 channels to begin with? 
But how do I do that?

Any hints much appreciated.



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