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Le Sun, 05 Jan 2014 13:50:52 +0100,
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> On Sun, 2014-01-05 at 00:29 +0100, Dominique Michel wrote:
> > And classical physics is even worst. In Einstein formula e=mc^2, the
> > only term for which we have a definition is c...
> > 
> > For e, it is no definition, only equations which are not definitions
> https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/c/c9/E%3Dmc%C2%
> B2-explication.svg/220px-E%3Dmc%C2%B2-explication.svg.png
> The Definition for E is m*c². By your explanation we would als have no
> definition for c, since c also is an equation, c is m/s (another m ;).
> The only differences are that some values are constants and others are
> variables.

That's an equation. A definition is with ==, not =. The definition of
energy is the capacity to do some work, and as both work and energy
share the same unit, the Joule, we get that work is equivalent to
energy, as we learn it at school.

Maxwell's theory as we learn it at school (which is a truncation of its
original 1865 theory made by Heaveside, Herz and Gibbs) doesn't
allow things like the Bohren experiment which give us up to 18 times
more energy at the output than the input energy. But the fact remain
that the Bohren experiment can be reproduced, and have been

Hopefully, it is other theories slowly emerging like the
electrodynamics (O3), Sachs work and the unified field theory of Evans,
that mix Maxwell's original theory (which is relativistic) with general
relativity, quantum physics, and with new advances like Whitaker EM
decomposition and broken symmetry, to get a new theory where
coefficient of efficiency > 1 are achievable. The main issue here is
money, the one that make big money with the energy are the ones that
found most research in that field.

More, Maxwell was assuming a material ether, therefore the assumption
of EM fields in vacuum, but EM fields just cannot exist without
particles. They are not a cause but an effect of the particles:

"In my considered opinion I think that a photon is a manifestation of
spacetime curvature, the result of quantization of the electromagnetic
field tensor in antisymmetrized general relativity."
Evans, the author of "The Enigmatic Photon".

"A photon is a magnetic dipole. It is an elementary magnet. Evans'
discovery of the photon's longitudinal magnetic field in 1992 is as
significant, at the quantum level, as Einstein's discovery of
relativity at the universal level. It helps to give a physical
interpretation to string theory, wave mechanics, two-slit interference
and the Faraday effect. A string is a harmonically moving photon that
vibrates, oscillates, spins and twists."
K. L. Rajpal 

Among all the vulgarisation that is in Bearden's web site, see 
http://www.cheniere.org/references/index.htm for references.


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