[LAD] Releasing source code is not enough, I think...

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Tue Jan 21 10:15:40 UTC 2014

On Tue, 2014-01-21 at 09:44 +0100, karl at aspodata.se wrote:
> Filipe Coelho:
> > I think we should stop assuming releasing source code is enough.
> I take the stand that releasing source code is enought.


Developers are free to provide packages and they are free to include the
needed dependencies. Take a look at the file system hierarchy standard
regarding /opt. Btw. AFAIK there are two projects working at a new file
system hierarchy to make it easier to install software, what ever this

Instead of using Debian and all the other named distros users are free
to install a modern distro that is more stable than those oldish distros
and anyway more up to date and especially not splitting into several
packages. Such a distro might provide an easy to understand package
management too. How about Arch Linux?

> >is getting more user friendly,
> No, linux-at-large is more and more getting in the way of the local 
> administrator, forcing one to install more and more stuff that might 
> not be wanted, with big userspace things like gnome making distruptive
> changes -- that is not user friendliness.


More and more optional dependencies become hard dependencies. People
care about disc space and want split packages, so that they aren't
forced to install the headers, but it nowadays is ok to install tons of
packages that aren't needed and that not only need much disc space, but
that could serious issues, such as pulseaudio and gvfs. In the early
days pulseaudio tend to stop working audio on many machines and gvfs
still today damages "green" drives.

Very alarming is that fast 3D graphics become requirements and that
people want the same kind of "desktop" environments they use for their
smartphones and tablet PCs for the desktop too.

Sorry, a little bit OT. Some developers already build packages. Some
distros, e.g. Arch at least provide much more good multimedia software
than e.g. Debian, but even for Debian users could install third party
repositories to get rid of many issues.

Building from source does work since many years even for completely
inexperienced users.

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